Top 3 light weight linux distro for your low end pc

  • Post last modified:April 27, 2021
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Today everyone has a taste of windows, as open-source software becoming a huge trend. Linux pops up almost whenever there is open source.

So, Eager to install Linux but stayed behind just because of your low-end pc. But not today, my friends.

Below is our top 3 expert choice for you, selected wisely to work on all system with 1GB ram.

Ubuntu kylin

Ubuntu Kylin is officially Chinese version Debian based distro. Kylin default user interface is UKUI which is a lightweight desktop environment similar to Xfce.

You get all official ubuntu distro features like its app manager, snap store, App Store, etc.

Kylin system requirement is Pentium II or Celeron system with 512 MB of ram. It worked properly with my old Pentium system without any lag.

We strongly suggest you to give it a shot.

Linux mint

Mint is our second choice it leading on low-end pc over a decade. Inspired by Debian but work completely on the principle of open source.

So, what it’s mean completely open source.

  • Lightweight
  • No bloatware
  • Completely optimized for low-end pc.

I want to mention before you jumping to Linux mint that Linux mint prevents using the snap store. There is a different way to install it. You can check out these post to know more.

Linux lite

Last but not least another Debian based distro in a list. Yes, Linux lite is our another choice to try out. It’s based on Xfce with little customization work fine on all low-end pc.

The basic requirement is 512 MB RAM, 1Ghz Processor based on x86/x64 with 8 GB of disk space.

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