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Install Latest Zoom on Ubuntu/Linux Distribution

Zoom, a.k.a. Zoom Meeting, is video conferencing software that is

Download Linux ISO from Terminal
Qprompt Install

An outbreak of COVID-19 cases has changed the way of living life earlier, we

upgrade Linux Kernel to 5.16 Release

Linux latest kernel was finally introduced with an interesting update

How to add or implement counter in bash scripting

The counter is very common in programming to trace the

Date command usage in Linux

The date command is part of the Coreutils package, and it is mainly

Interrupt or Suspend a Command Execution in Linux

An accidentally executed sequence of command and system files is


Vimtutor (provided by the vim package) is a vim-based tutorial

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SUDO is one of the most important and recommended methods

How to Create Symbolic or Soft Link in Linux

Creating symbolic or soft links in Linux is pretty straightforward,

How to check who has logged into my Linux system

Why is my CPU fan screaming like crazy, and I’m

Completely Uninstall MySQL in Ubuntu

Many times we face issues while starting the MYSQL server on Linux System.

How to Fix Kali Linux slow apt update process

Today I have installed Kali Linux on my Desktop. When

Remove KDE Plasma from ubuntu

As usual, Ubuntu Distributions ships with a gnome Desktop environment to

file system type in linux
Fixed exposed beyond app through ClipData.Item.getUri

I was trying to build an application through which users