How to resolve no sound from Bluetooth headset in Linux

The last week I have purchased a new Bluetooth headset to use for both my laptop and mobile.

When I paired Bluetooth with a laptop, it gets connected successfully. I got the confirmation Bluetooth is successfully paired.

Now it’s time to test the audio quality. I started using Spotify and played the random song from the list, and Boom, no sound from the headset, and audio were coming through Laptop Speaker.

If you had the same scenario, follow the short guide to fix No sound from Bluetooth Headset.

Bluetooth Connection
Bluetooth Connection

Fix No Sound from bluetooth Headset

There may several reasons for audio not passing through the Bluetooth. I’ll list the two methods to resolve.

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Method 1. Select default output source

For this problem, you can refer to the old post in which we have resolved the issue of No sound through HDMI port same over here. Also, you need to select a Bluetooth device name.

If the problem still persist, read the second method.

Method 2. Install pavucontrol

In this method, we will install the pavucontrol utility to fix no sound, and We have provided an installation method for all major Linux Distributions.

Before this make sure to Update Official Repository

Install pavucontrol on Debian and Ubuntu

$ sudo apt install pavucontrol

Install pavucontrol on Centos/RHEL

$ sudo yum install pavucontrol

Install pavucontrol on Fedora/Centos

$ sudo dnf install pavucontrol

Install pavucontrol on Arch Linux and Manjaro

$ sudo pacman -Sy pavucontrol

We have installed pavucontrol on our system, Now play any random song in the background.

To run pavucontrol type

$ pavucontrol

When you open the pavucontrol, switch to the Output Devices, and below, you will see the Bluetooth device.

First, check the right option “set as fallback” and click on the port drop-down options and select “Headphone (plugged in)”.

That’s it your problem will be resolved.If you are still facing issue then comment us.

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  1. Prabin

    Still facing the problem

    Under the Port section, there is no option for “Headphone (plugged in)” In my case, there is “Headphone (unplugged) even after my Bluetooth is connected.

    1. Aditya

      Did your issue get solved?

  2. Madhav

    Same bro still facing issue with this

    1. Gagan Mishra

      Which Bluetooth headset do you have?
      And one more thing, run this pactl info | grep "Server Name" command and let me know which audio server you are using.

  3. aadil

    i am still facing the issue and while getting the audio server I found my audio server is **pulseaudio**
    pactl info | grep “Server Name”

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