MPV Media Player 0.35.1 is now available, with bug fixes from 0.35

MPV Media Player 0.35.1 is now available, with several bug fixes from 0.35 to make the user experience even smoother and more enjoyable.

MPV Media Player is an open-source media player with a wide range of features, including support for a variety of audio and video formats, subtitles, streaming services, and more.

Today they have come up with a new release, MPV Media Player 0.35.1, which includes several bug fixes from the previous version to make the software even more reliable.

In this release, resizing and moving have much better touch response than the previous version in Wayland. This means that when the user touches and drags within the touch edge radius, resizing events will happen, and when the user touches and drags elsewhere on the window, moving events will happen without any issue.

They also made changes to display_fd and wrote a note: “In the event of a failed wayland initialization, the display_fd is actually 0 instead of -1, which would correctly indicate it doesn’t exist.”

Now they change the log level for potential files to trace so they will be easier to find when debugging without capturing an unnecessary amount of data.

You will find the most of the bug fixes in this release, so you will not find a new feature or anything else but bug fixes and stability improvements.

Some of the changes you can will find in these release

  • lcms: fix crash with lcms2-related options if lcms is disabled
  • meson: fix stdatomic detection on bsd
  • osc: don’t spam window-controls bindings on every render
  • meson: also search for rst2html with .py extension
  • audio: fix crash during uninit with ao_lavc
  • mp_image: fix XYZ primaries default
  • vd_lavc: add “auto” choice for vd-lavc-dr
  • vulkan: fix build error for 32bit builds with clang
  • x11: remove PresentNotifyMSC from egl/glx/vulkan to fix xpresent timing

For a complete changelog, you can read it in the Github release section.

You will not find the latest version in the official repository, so you can directly download the latest version from the release section and install it in order to take advantage of all these bug fixes and improvements.

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