5 Linux Distros for Steam Gaming

The first time you get to know Linux and decide to learn Linux, there is a term that is foreign to your ears, namely “Linux Distro.”

When you want to use Linux, you have to choose the type of Linux, for example, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Kali Linux, CentOS, and so on. This type of Linux is called a “Linux distro”.

There are hundreds of Linux distros published on the internet, all of which are different and made for their own purposes.

You must first understand what a Linux distro is and get to know the different types to determine the best one for your needs.

What are Linux Distros

Linux distro is an operating system built from the Linux kernel with the addition of other components in the form of modules, applications, services, or other packages to create an operating system with specific goals determined by the developer.

The Linux developers then issue and distribute their version of Linux to the public; the results of this development are called DISTRO.

Why Are There So Many Linux Distros?

You already know from the history of Linux that the creator of Linux, “Linux Torvalds,” gifted his work to the world for the betterment of all humanity by giving an open-source license for the Linux kernel so that everyone could develop it.

Unlike Windows or macOS, which are only developed by company employees internally, Linux is free to be developed by anyone for any purpose.

Linux has many components that are developed separately by different groups and organizations, independently, and distributed in source code form.

Up until now, you already know that Linux components are produced separately by many people/groups/companies, and the components are still raw in the form of source code.

If you want, you can get these components for free from the developer on the internet and then arrange them so that you create the version of Linux you want.

The problem is that compiling Linux components so that they run optimally is not easy and can only be done by experts. Therefore, some companies or groups focus on assembling these Linux components into an ideal Linux operating system for certain purposes.

The developers of the Linux distro do the hard work for you, so all you have to do is use the finished product without having to bother assembling Linux yourself.

Likewise, when you need an application or an update, the Linux distro has prepared everything, so you just have to click to install it using the package manager.

There are lots of developers who assemble Linux components for a variety of different purposes, so there are lots of Linux distros scattered around.

5 Linux Distros For Steam Gaming

You may be wrong if you still think that any Linux distribution is unsuitable for playing games. It is true that many games released are intended for Windows and macOS.

However, playing games on Linux distros has also seen a lot of development. Any Linux distribution can already be used to play games.

By using a Linux distribution, surely you can use it to access some games. Or, you can use tools to emulate the games. Currently, there are quite a number of Linux distros that have been optimized for playing games.

Of course, to choose the best distro for gaming, the best way is to try it.

1 – SteamOS

SteamOS is the most popular Linux distro for gaming. SteamOS is developed and distributed by Valve Corporation. Because it is a Linux distro for gaming, SteamOS already has Steam pre-installed, and the base system comes from Debian 8. As a Linux distro for high-end gaming, SteamOS is equipped with drivers and configurations that are also pre-installed.

By default, this distro only installed Steam as the first platform. But you also have the option to enable desktop mode to get a full-featured desktop operating system that may work for accessing applications. SteamOS comes with a simple user interface (GUI), which is easy to use.

SteamOS demands slightly powerful hardware. If you are using a system with older hardware, there may be difficulties installing and running SteamOS.

SteamOS supports a variety of graphics processors and is compatible with joysticks and gamepads on the market. SteamOS is the most recommended Linux distro for gaming.

Steam also offers great security for all players. However, there’s one problem. Not everyone knows how to use Steam with a VPN on Linux. Thus, if you desire a better and much safer internet connection, the VPN is a possible solution!

2 – Sparky Linux Game Over Edition

The latest edition of SparkyLinux GameOver includes features such as the Lutris game platform and tools to install a web browser so you can play games online. SparkyLinux GameOver also includes the special Aptus Gamer tool for game emulators.

Aptus Gamer is used to download various game emulators. The idea behind this is to provide easy access to various game emulators, consoles, and other gaming tools that are required to play games on any platform. SparkyLinux GameOver Edition is great for gamers who are used to playing games with different emulators.

You can easily play games on other platforms like Steam and Windows. Wine and PlayOnLinux game apps are also pre-installed. This is useful when you want to run old DOS and Windows games on Linux. SparkyLinux GameOver Edition also includes some free games that you might never have heard of before.

3 – Ubuntu GamePack

Linux users may know Ubuntu as a desktop operating system, whereas Ubuntu GamePack is an Ubuntu-based Linux distro optimized for gaming. Ubuntu GamePack has been gaining popularity among gamers in recent years. Unlike SteamOS, Ubuntu GamePack can run smoothly on low hardware.

4 – Fedora Game Spin

Many great Linux distros for gaming are based on Debian or Ubuntu. However, if you are a RedHat, CentOS, or Fedora user, you can use Fedora Game Spin, which is one of the other great Linux distros for gaming. Fedora Game Spin has been modified and optimized by its maintainers for gaming.

Fedora Game Spin has become a great platform because of its light, fast, and stable operating system. In Fedora Game Spin, there are already many pre-installed games in various genres.

The thing to know about Fedora Game Spin is that tools like PlayOnLinux, Wine, and Steam are not included. You need to manually install it if you want to play games on other platforms, such as Windows.

5 – Lakka Linux

Lakka Linux is actually a powerful Linux distro that has been optimized to run even better on low-end computer hardware.

Lakka Linux is specially designed as a user-friendly Linux distro for gaming. Lakka Linux is capable of turning a computer into a retro game console.

That’s all for now.

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