Distro Hopping? Try BedRock Linux: How to install

Personally, I jump from Ubuntu to Debian to Linux Mint to Garuda Linux and many other distributions but never use more than 2 months.

After Debian, I decided to switch back to Gentoo, but I’m not smart enough to use Gentoo as a daily driver. Literally, I was skeptical to Install Gentoo suddenly on Reddit, and I saw an image with multiple distributions at once.

That catches my eyes. And after that, the rest is history for me, I can’t explain how much I love it and I must say you should try it once.

As you know, Debian is best for stable Coreutils, arch for getting everything first, want to run Business software no doubt centos, and not only that you can run multiple init like OpenRC, init, and systemd without sacrificing other init systems.

There is much to explore, and I’m sure you will say why I don’t know about these distributions earlier?

Enough talk! Let me show you How to Install Bedrock Linux.


I would say no prerequisite require if you are already running on any Linux Distributions because Bedrock Linux or brl has no concept of ISO. Bedrock Linux has the concept of hijack.

Bedrock Linux is meta Linux Distributions. What are meta Linux distributions? I would suggest you read to read from FAQ.

Steps to Install Bedrock Linux

Generally, we should first try any Linux Distributions in a Virtual environment rather than installing them on physical hardware, and in this case, I would suggest you do that.

Step 1. Download Bedrock Linux Installer Script

It’s necessary to have any distributions pre-installed on your virtual system or physical hardware to perform the next steps.

In my case, Debian is already available so, and I just need to download an installer script from the official GitHub repository.

You can use this link to Download Bedrock Linux Installer script and copy the link as per your system architecture.

Copy Link as per your system architecture

Once you copy the link open your terminal and download the script using wget command: At the time of writing this article brl version is 0.7.22.

$ wget https://github.com/bedrocklinux/bedrocklinux-userland/releases/download/0.7.22/bedrock-linux-0.7.22-x86_64.sh

bedrock-linux-0.7 100%[==========>]   4.78M  1.08MB/s    in 4.4s    

2021-08-05 12:07:46 (1.08 MB/s) - ‘bedrock-linux-0.7.22-x86_64.sh’ saved [5009827/5009827]

Step 2. Run and Install Bedrock

This is the last step you need to perform on your pre-installed Linux environment After that bedrock Linux will hijack your current system and it will move the existing Linux Distributions to a temporary location.

Before making any changes script warns you If you are good to go type “Not reversible!” without double quotes.

Type Not reversible!
Type Not reversible!

Step 3. Restart to Bedrock Linux

Wait for some time to process after that restart your system to see changes. If you were able to see the new init selection menu as mine, Congratulation bedrock has been installed on your system.

New init options
New init options

Still, you are not sure Bedrock Linux has been installed successfully? run the following command into your terminal:

$ brl version

Bedrock Linux 0.7.22 Poki

Install arch linux on Bedrock Linux

Let’s see how we can install arch on bedrock Linux along with Debian. To install Arch Linux type the below command:

$ sudo brl fetch arch
Downloading and Installing Arch Linux on Bedrock Linux
Downloading and Installing Arch Linux on Bedrock Linux

After that you can also boast yourself BTW, I use Arch 😎

In Bedrock Linux or brl every distribution is called strata or stratum, If you want to run a specific stratum type:

$ strat arch bash

Learn How to use Bedrock Linux

It is quite intuitive to use Bedrock Linux, to learn more about how you can operate brl more precisely for your work, pass the simple command into your terminal and follow the instructions:

$ brl tutorial basics

If somewhere you are stuck and want help instantly go to libre chat and use the #bedrock channel to connect with bedrock experts. Over there all will help you for me @CactiChameleon9 and @paradigm help me a lot.


That’s all to Install Bedrock Linux on your system, If you find any difficulty please go to libre chat or you can post a comment down. Our team will help you to sort it down.

It’s better to read FAQ to clear your doubt? So go through FAQ once or whenever you need it.

If you want to share something about the Bedrock Linux that I missed or know something that would help others, please share that in a comment section.

If you want to say Hi to me or want to suggest something feel free to contact me.

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Thank you so much, sir you are doing a great job.