How to access Reddit from Linux Terminal?

Today was a hectic day for me! I was obliged to finish the pending work, which I was procrastinating for a longer period. Of course, while working for straight 12 hours, I need some break.

Somewhere I read, one should take a break to work more productively. Do you agree? I don’t know about others, but I desperately needed it.

The funny part is I don’t carry a smartphone (To avoid distraction) and stuck with Command Line Interface. Out of the blue, I have found TUIR Installed in my System.

Oh my gosh! I found something to entertain myself.

In this article, I’ll share with you a tool through which you can kill your boredom, and later you will thank me.


As far as I know, most Linux distribution comes with python3. You can easily install TUIR using the pip command or from the GitLab source.

If you’re not quite sure Python3 and pip3 is available ? Check our older post

What is TUIR?

TUIR (Terminal UI for Reddit) is a terminal interface to view and interact with Reddit. In later 2019, Michael Lazar’s end up as a maintainer, and now It’s forked by John Helmert III. If you want to contribute, please go ahead.

Official GitLab Link

Download and Install Tuir to access Reddit from Terminal

You have a couple of choices to Install TUIR on your system 1. Using pip command and 2. From source file.

1. Using PIP command

This is quite simple to follow, and your system should have python3 & pip3 Installed. To Install, pass the following command into the terminal and wait till the process gets complete.

$ pip3 install tuir

If you’re facing any hurdle to Install TUIR using the pip command, please follow the below method.

2. From Source file

In this method, you need to pass a couple of extra commands to get your work done, but this method is less prone to failure.

Open a terminal and pass the following command in sequence:

$ git clone
$ cd tuir
$ python3 install

Once the above process is complete, pass the version command to verify the installation:

$ tuir -V
tuir 1.29.0

Basic Walkthrough of TUIR (Terminal UI for Reddit)

Let’s drill down and see how beautiful Reddit can be on a terminal. I always prefer to check what options are available to use? If you are also like me, type

$ tuir --help

optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -s SUBREDDIT      Name of the subreddit that will be loaded on start

If you simply pass tuir without any arguments. It will open the default subreddit like the below image.

Start TUIR to access Reddit
Start TUIR to access Reddit

But you don’t want to open with a default subreddit page and want to open some other subreddit, make use of -s along with subreddit name:

$ tuir -s linux
use / to access specific subreddit
use / to access specific subreddit

Alright! Now show me how we can control and read a selected submission. If any hotkeys are available, let us know.

Most users are quite familiar with a VIM editor because of that developer use the same hotkeys. You can note down some of the basic hotkeys such as:

  • Scroll UP:- k
  • Scroll Down:- j
  • Open:- o
  • Back to the previous page:- h
  • Copy submission:- y
  • Subreddit:- /
  • refresh:- r
  • Next Theme:- F3
  • Previous Theme:- F2
  • Login:- u
  • Quit:- q
  • Force Quit:- Q
  • Help:- ?

Apart from that, many hotkeys are available to use for complete list type ? or visit Hotkeys for TUIR.


That’s all to Install TUIR(Terminal UI for Reddit) on your Linux Machine, and I hope it works well for you. Personally, I found an issue with the login. If anyone can log in, please let us know in the comment section.

According to ReadMe, we can open Images to a browser. However, I’m not able to accomplish that too. If you could do that for us, that would be your kind help.

Although, It nice to have Reddit working on a terminal. At least we can learn something new or read some interesting stuff.

If you want to say Hi to me or want to suggest something feel free to contact me.

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