How to install Yay AUR Helper in Arch and Manjaro Linux

New to arch linux user always faces issue with installation of tool in system.

Debian based user can easily install using apt command. But for arch user we have to use pacman.

Pacman has good but most people switch to Arch just to get the power of Open User repository.

AUR is Arch User Repository to install packages at it initial launch. But it may be head ache to use AUR without using any helper.

What is AUR helper?

Aur helper is small tool to install packages from AUR repository without building it. These all task performed by helpers. Most popular are Yay and Packer.

Why helper not come by default in system?

AUR community is user driven when any one can easily publish package without any verification. Sometime these package can be spyware or else. So, it’s strongly recommended to install from offical source.

How to Install Yay AUR Helper in Arch and Manjaro Linux

First step is to login as sudo user and type below command to download and install git in your system.

sudo pacman -Sy git

Next, clone the yay repository using git command.

cd /tmp/
sudo git clone

Change the permission from the root user to sudo user. This step important if you don’t want to get issue while building yay.

sudo chown -R kakarot:kakarot ./yay-git

Enter to ./yay-git directory to build the package using PKGBUILD to install in your arch or manjaro linux

cd yay-git

Next and final, Build package using makepkg -si command shown below.

makepkg -si

These is complete steps to install yay helper in Arch Linux.

How to Yay Helper in Arch and Manjaro

Once you have done all the step of installation you can start installing packages from AUR (Arch user repository).

Before jumping to install packages using yay first upgrade your system using below command.

yay -syu

How to search packages using yay without going to website.

Change vscode to any packages you want to install it will display all related packages from AUR repository.

yay -Ss vscode

Use below command to install vscode in your arch system.

yay -Sy visual-studio-code-bin

How to remove packages from system using Yay

yay -Rs visual-studio-code-bin

These is the complete guide to install and start using Yay on your system.

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