How to install Google Chrome in Arch and Manjaro Linux

Many user switch to arch linux just to get the advantage of AUR (Arch User Repository). Where they get all packages then any other Linux Distribution.

Installing chrome in Arch can be an head ache to new user who come from debian based distro such as Ubuntu, Pop OS, Linux Mint, etc.

Too install Google Chrome in Arch Linux, We going to use AUR helper in this guide we going to use Yay (Yogurt) helper.

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How to install Chrome in Arch and Manjaro Linux

First open up terminal and type below command to check if Yay has been installed properly in your system.

$ yay -V
Yay version check

If you get system an output like above then it means you have successfully installed yay on your system.

Google Chrome is not officially available for Arch Linux right now. So, You can install Google Chrome ported from DEB to Arch linux done by the Arch Community.

Type below command to install Google Chrome from AUR (Arch User Repository).

$ yay -Ys google-chrome
Google Chrome Installation

After Chrome installation finish you will get below screen.

Google after installation

To check Google Chrome has successfully Installated in your system execute below command.

Google Chrome Version Check

Simply search Google Chrome in Linux Search Bar and open it.

Google Chrome Browser

How to remove Google Chrome from Arch Linux

Simply type below command to remove Google Chrome form Arch Linux.

$ yay -Rs google-chrome
Google Chrome Removing

Thats all for today, Feel free to comment if you have any query.

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