Arch Linux text-based Installer gets a new update

The developers rolled out a newer version of the Arch Linux text-based installer including beta support of FIDO2 (HSM) support for systemd-boot and many other improvements and changes can be found.

The Arch Installer tool is a Messiah for neophyte users to install Arch Linux on their machine interestingly without any mental torment.

Developer is committed to adding new features along with fixing bug issues. In this release, they have introduced Fast Identity Online (FIDO2(HSM)) support for systemd-boot for a more secure way to access and for those who don’t know what FIDO2(HSM) is?

In simple terms, it enables you to easily authenticate yourself to an online service by leveraging LocalBiometric/Pin.

Currently, it is in an early beta stage, so in later parts, you may find the full-fledge usage of FIDO2 in your ArchLinux.

Developer quoted the following message on FIDO2:

FIDO2 (HSM) support for systemd-boot when unlocking disk encryption has been added #1196 with a master password as backup during enrollment (This is in very early beta and have only been tested with an older blue Yubikey. Nitrokey and modern Yubikey‘s are en route for testing. PIN entry and different devices have not been thoroughly tested.)

They have even introduced and translated multiple local languages into the list, including Brazilian, Czech, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Urdu.

Furthermore, they have also added a new disk preview and a new disk layout to the menu for a better view of your selections.

Network-manager-applet will get installed if you do select NetworkManager from the Configure network option. You will find this feature useful in the KDE and GNOME desktop environments for a quicker way to manage network connections.

The new way to clear out the selected options is to press Ctrl+C to revert back to default options. For that, first, go to the selected options and press Ctrl+C to see the new changes.

Changelog of Arch Linux Menu-based Installer 2.5.0

  • Local language and locale encodings have been introduced.
  • A new disk layout and preview have been introduced for
  • A new user preview has been added.
  • Different menu types have been added.
  • Ctrl+C can be used to clear selected options.
  • Newtork manager applet will get installed on your KDE and GNOME desktop environments if you select “NetworkManager” in configure the network.
  • More features and bug fixes can be tracked from here.

The newer version of ArchInstaller has fixed several bugs which have been reported and eventually they added more features. In addition, you can find the latest version of ArchInstaller in the stable software repositories of Arch Linux.

To install ArchInstaller on your Live boot run the below command to make installation pretty simple.

$ sudo pacman -S archinstall
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