Snowfall on your Linux Desktop this Christmas


Let us make this Christmas memorable for you and more of your Linux desktop. Xsnow is a tiny application that lets you experience cold snowfall, just like winter. To be honest, I am feeling cold 🥶 while staring at my desktop screen.

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Xsnow initially was released for the macOS system in 1984. This day, it is available to install on Unix and Linux systems.


  • Open-Source and Lightweight
  • Customize snow color
  • Different santa appearances
  • Increase wind speed
  • 6 different scenary for desktop


Xsnow is quite an old but enough popular application included by default in Debian and Ubuntu repositories.

Use the below command to install it on your Debian or Ubuntu system.

$ sudo apt install xsnow

For Arch and Manjaro, users can use Pacman package manager.

$ sudo pacman -Sy xsnow

How to use Xsnow

Xsnow can be used in two different ways, the GUI method and the CLI method.

GUI Method

Type xsnow on your terminal, after the installation process is done to open the Xsnow window.

Xsnow: GUI Interface
Xsnow: GUI Interface

Homescreen helps you to reset settings or set vintage mode. Besides that, you can quit the menu (Minimize windows) or exit Xsnow.

Except for the home screen, five more tabs are available to manage your desktop – Snow, Santa, Scenery, Wind, and Settings.

Snow Tab

Xsnow: Snow tab
Xsnow: Snow tab

Here you can manage the speed of your snowfall, intensity (It ruins the speed of my snowfall). The colour of snowfall, dare you to change it into something else, white is perfect for snow.

After the separator, three options are there windows, bottom, and scenery.

  • Windows: How much amount of snow should be left on the window top.
  • Bottom: Amount of snow left above task bar, useful if you using KDE like taskbar.
  • Scenary: Scroll to max, to increase the scenary on your screen.

Messed up the setting, don’t worry, simply click on Default and All default to reset all the settings.

Santa Tab

Xsnow: Santa Tab
Xsnow: Santa Tab

From here, you can customize the way Santa should appear on your desktop. Don’t forget to mess with Santa’s speed; it’s pretty funny.

Scenery Tab

Xsnow: Scenery Tab
Xsnow: Scenery Tab

From the scenery tab, you can specify the number of trees, houses, reindeer, etc. You want to show it on your desktop. For me, I didn’t touch anything; default is just perfect for me.

Wind Tab

Xsnow: Wind Tab
Xsnow: Wind Tab

Desktop is the best when whirl is complete. Increase it to speed the snowfall. It is the most fantastic experience you will feel.


Xsnow: Settings
Xsnow: Settings

By default, the snow is stuck on the above taskbar, but you can arrange it to drop on down by clicking the “Fullscreen” button. Or manually set it by dragging ‘Life snow bottom” scrollbar.

CLI Method

Use the below command to set the background to a green colour and let it snow-white.

$ xsnow -bg green -sc snow

Increase the speed of snowdrops and run as fast as possible.

$ xsnow -snowflakes 10000 -delay 0

Avoid displaying trees or Santa using the below command.

$ xsnow -notrees -nosanta

Final Thought

I hope you enjoy having this tool; let me know what more you want to see in the comment section.

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