5 Funny Linux commands, Literally, we can do?

Every time we come with useful commands or How to? But this time, I thought, why not show some funny Linux commands.

Open your terminal and get started for the fun journey of Linux Terminals. I’ll cover for both Debian (apt) and RHEL (yum) based distribution.

Fun journey begins : )

1. You loved it if you are a pet lover

I’ll share with you one scenario that happened to me one fine day. I was digging down what cool things I can do on a terminal, and I found that I can change my cursor according to the pet which I like, and suddenly my niece saw it, and she liked it so much. Literally, She was not allowing me to use my laptop for a day.

Now I’ll share with you the command which you and your kids will love for sure.

Oneko is the command you need to install on your system and make sure your official repository is updated.

What Oneko will do using XGetDefault will bring the cursor size pet on screen as you move the cursor by default. The cat will chase your cursor. After chasing the cat will take a nap.

How to Install Oneko?

Open the terminal and get the pet in your terminal typing this command

For Debian/Ubuntu Based user

$ sudo apt install oneko

For RHEL Based

$ sudo yum install oneko

How to run and change the pet?

Very simple to run,you just need type command

$ oneko

The default pet is a cat. If you want to change pet or character, then pass the parameter.

Funny Linux command cat oneko
chase cat with Oneko

Pets and character that are available on oneko dog, tora, sakura, and tomoyo.

$ oneko -dog

You change the speed to chase and many other things read the man page for more details

$ man oneko

2. Hurry Up! We have to catch the train

If you have watched the Bollywood movie “Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge.” In that movie, the plot was that Shahrukh khan was inside the train, and Kajol was trying to catch the train, and Shahrukh khan gives his hand to Kajol. I think so the developer was watching that movie while developing.

No offence Developer ! I was Just kidding.

Actually, this command’s main focus was to alert the user that you have typed the wrong command instead of ls you type sl.

To get the locomotive train running on your terminal and nostalgic memory of “DDLJ,” you have to install “SL.”

How to install sl aka train?

For Debian/Ubuntu Based user

$ sudo apt install sl

For RHEL Based user

$ sudo yum install sl

How to run locomotive train?

A sl command is opposite to ls command that command can run if you type sl in terminal

$ sl
Funny Linux sl command
Run train using “sl”

If you want to add more carriage then pass command.

$ sl --help

There are many other preferences is also available on the sl command, To check type man sl.

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3. Create aesthetic sci-fi effect to your terminal

When I was a kid, I saw a movie that shows the screen with commands running that mesmerize me, and I was thinking, how can I do this? When I know about this, it just a matrix.

You can also make this affect on your linux system and be cool

How to install matrix effect?

For Debian/Ubuntu Based user

$ sudo apt install cmatrix

For RHEL Based user

$ sudo yum install cmatrix

How to run and configure matrix?

You are almost ready to get sci-fi effect on your system.

If you want just default matrix with the green text then type command

$ cmatrix 
cmatrix effect
cmatrix effect

If you want to configure matrix-like bold letters, rainbow effect, and many others, you need to add parameters.

For rainbow mode

$ matrix -r

If you want bold character then type

$ matrix -b

To check more mode option then use “h”

$ matrix -h

4. I know where you are

If you want to know where your cursor is right now, then you can use x11-apps. It will create a pair of GUI eyes, and it will track your cursor position. This can be useful when you have a big screen.

How to install x11-apps?

For Debian/Ubuntu Based user

$ sudo apt-get install x11-apps

For RHEL Based user

$ sudo yum install x11-apps

How to run x11-apps or x-eyes?

To run x11-apps we have to pass command

$ xeyes
keep cursor watch using "xeyes"
keep cursor watch using “xeyes”

That’s its pair of eyes will start tracking your cursor. When you want to configure xeyes, then type

$ xeyes --help

This will give you several ways of configuring x-eyes according to your preference.

5. Want your terminal to speak

You want your terminal to speak what you type then install espeak.

How to install espeak

For Debian/Ubuntu Based user

$ sudo apt install espeak

For RHEL Based user

$ sudo yum install espeak

How to turn terminal to speak

You need to first type command espeak then type the text in double-quotes and see the magic.

$ espeak "Linux_rock"
espeak command
Speak what you types using “espeak”

If you don’t hear the audio, maybe your volume is low or mute. Please don’t leave the space between sentences otherwise, it will speak an only a single sentence.

You can customize your preference like voice change, the pace of voice, and many more for that pass command.

$ espeak --help

Wrap up

I hope you enjoyed the funny Linux commands. If you want to know more funny commands, leave a comment.

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