Ubuntu: How to fix the startup issue in android studio?

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When you start android studio to work on it and suddenly you see the android studio is not starting

There is start failed error

fix startup issue android studio: Start Failed Android Studio
Start Failed Android Studio

So, We will show you how to fix this startup issue in the android studio This method will work only if you have installed an android studio using flatpak.

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How to fix the startup issue?

Follow step by step to solve this issues first we will see how to solve this using file Manager

  1. First Open File Manager
  2. Now press Ctrl + h to show the hidden folder .var
  3. Go to the .var folder
  4. Now go to the /app/com.google.AndroidStudio/data/Google
Present Directory of Android Studio
  • Delete all the File from the Google directory
  • After all, this try to open Android Studio

Using Terminal

If you want to solve this issue using a terminal then you can follow the simple command

$ sudo rm -rf .var/app/com.google.AndroidStudio/data/Google/

This command will delete all the file that is present in the Google Directory.

Android Studio

That’s its startup problem is fixed now you can use Android Studio for development.

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