How to install QPrompt as an alternative to Teleprompter

An outbreak of COVID-19 cases has changed the way of living life earlier, we used to go to our officescollegesschools, but now we shifted to a virtual environment.

Now you attend your office meeting from the couch, children attending their school while taking a nap, and many untold stories of different domains.

While working, you may require to give a virtual presentation, or you have to create video lectures for students or maybe new’s reporters working from their own space.

Whatever the situation is, you take the help of video to convey your thought, and It’s quite possible to make mistakes while shooting a video. And it’s quite embarrassing too.

You can make your presentation flawless with a QPrompt tool, an alternative to a teleprompter.

What is teleprompter?

teleprompter is a device that shows cues or complete text on a screen, which helps the speaker to find content on the teleprompter display. And this device is very common among news anchors and politicians.

We can find many teleprompter software to use.

QPrompt is one of the teleprompter software available on all major platforms, including Android mobile, and most importantly, it is an open-source application.

Features of QPrompt

  • Free Teleprompter Applications
  • Transparements markers
  • Jitter or lag-free experience
  • Mirror support
  • Option to use system fonts
  • Support RTL Languages
  • Package with 182 Languages
  • Start count
  • Timer
  • Movement control
  • Work with tablet teleprompter
  • Multi-screen support

Installation step

QPrompt can be installed on various platform, no matter whether it is WindowsMac OSLinux, or mobile phone, QPrompt work well on all platform.

For aarch64, the user can choose the deb package. Other architecture can use AppImage, Flatpak, or Snap to Install QPrompt.

To download, click on the below button, which will redirect you to the GitHub release section.

If you are not familiar with AppImage, please check  AppImage Pool standalone App Store for AppImages.

Demo Video of QPrompt

QPrompt can be best when you have multiple screens, presently I don’t have a spare screen to test this application, but I do have an android phone.

Let see how QPrompt works on android phones.

While installation, you might get a warning notification from Google Play protect; simply click on Install anyway to continue.

For the sake of this article, I have attached a short video; please check it out.

There is much to explore. Go ahead and explore it.

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