How to resolve “.venv/bin/activate” is not executable by this user

Yesterday I was making an update on the selenium post. Although you know before posting any article we make sure that code which we put on our site should work flawlessly on your system too, due to some carelessness on our part or yours, you may end up with an unexpected error.

The same happens to me. I pass the command “.demoenvironment/bin/activate
“to activate the virtual environment, which throws me an error. “.venv/bin/activate" is not executable by this user".

After that, I found I’d typed the wrong command, poor boy! I’ll show you how to fix the same issue with a precise explanation.

What is venv?

A virtual environment (venv) is python libraries to create a virtual environment, which will make complete isolation from the system python directory, and it helps developers to try a different version of libraries without breaking other programs.

For e.g., you can have multiple versions of python in a single system without venv it is not possible at all.

Resolve .venv/bin/activate” is not executable by this user

The actual command to activate virtual environment issource venv/bin/activate“or” . venv/bin/activate“, but the user may get confused in the case of a hidden directory.

I think it would be better if you see some of the examples to clear your concept.

$ source virtualdirectoryname/bin/activate
$ . virtualdirectoryname/bin/activate
  • source or . :- it can be interchage to read and execute file in current shell environment and pass the exit status of the last executed command directory name. For your understanding “source” or “.” is a bash concept.
  • virtualdirectoryname :- where all the virtual file libraries exists
  • /bin/activate:- activate script hold here

The above command won’t work in case of a hidden directory. For that, pass the below syntax and make sure to replace .virtualdirectoryname with an actual name.

$ source virtualdirectoryname/bin/activate
$ . .virtualdirectoryname/bin/activate

The above command is enough to fix the issue.

Wrap up

That’s all for How to resolve “.venv/bin/activate” is not executable by this user.

If you are stuck somewhere, please feel free to comment down, and If you like the article, or somewhere I missed something, do let me know.

Enjoy it!

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