How to take and Share ScreenShot programmatically in Android Studio

I need to add a new feature in My Android Application to take screenshots of the current activity screen and share images.

Throughout this guide, we will explain how to take and share screenshots programmatically in Android Studio.

Recently I was working with my Projects where I need to add a Share Button that will take a complete screenshot and Share Image using an explicit intent.

I’ll create a new Application from Scratch. Before that, I’ll share the workflow of our application with you, which we will build.

When an application starts, the user will click on the Share button to take a screenshot, and using explicit intent user can the share Image to supportable Applications.

Step 1: Create New Project

To create a new sample project, first, open Android Studio and Click on Create New Project

Click on Create New Project
Click on Create New Project

In this screen Select, a Project Template chooses the Empty Activity and click on the Next button to proceed ahead.

Select Empty Activity
Select Empty Activity

In this last screen, you have to provide the project name, package name in the Language option choose Java and click on Finish.

Configure Project
Configure Project

Step 2: Modify activity_main and string.xml

Once all required files get an imported copy, the below XML file to activity_main.xml.

For the missing ImageView File, create new Image assets under the res folder.

Modify strings.xml

On the above activity_main.xml, we have used string to store TextView data, and You can copy the below text or simply write your own.

Step 3: Update AndroidManifest.xml

We need to update AndroidManifest.xml to add User Permission like Read and Write support to store and read files from Storage.

This is an extra step for the device above AndroidSDK 29 to access a file from the External Directory file; else, the application will not be worked end up with ‘open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)’.

Please copy-paste the below code under the <application> </application> tag and you will get the error of missing Cannot resolve symbol ‘@xml/file_path’

To resolve the missing file_path.xml file, create a new XML folder under the res directory. After that, right-click on the XML directory, create a new XML resource file with a “file_path”, and press the OK.

Step 4: Write code to MainActivity

When you complete the above process, let’s write the code and complete the application workflow.

The first step is to instantiate the view object to MainActivity class to instantiate follow the below code.

Inside the onCreate method, add a clickListener to the button; before that, we have created a method to verify file permissions.

Don’t bother about the missing method. We will create a method very soon. Inside the onClick, we have created a function to take a screenshot when the user clicks on Share Button.

Step 4a: Create Method to TakeScreenShot

To resolve Cannot resolve method ‘takeScreenShot(android.view.View)’, click on the red bulb or press Alt + Enter to create a new method.

Inside the takeScreenShot method, copy-paste the below code to take a Screenshot of the MainActivity file.

Step 4b: Create Method to ShareScreenShot

The above method will take a screenshot and store it into Device Storage, and Now we need to share Images through explicit Intent.

Under the shareScreenShot method, copy the below code to get the URI of the recent screenshot and Share Image.

Step 4c: Create Method to VerifyPermission

This method will help you to request Storage Permission and verify the storage permission status.

Along with this code, make sure to add Read and Write permission in AndroidManfiest.xml to receive Permission Dialog.

Write down the below code into your MainActivity file.

Verify Code

If you missed something while following the code, please verify the code with the below code snippet to avoid any error.

Step 5: Run Application

In the above step, we have written code to take ScreenShot. Now it’s time to test our Application working.

To run the application, connect your physical device or Power Own Emulator using Shift + F10.


That’s it we are able to create an application that can take a screenshot programmatically and share Image through the available application.

If you are stuck somewhere, please write down your issue in the comment section. We will try to resolve it, and even I’ll upload the project file to GitHub for better accessibility.

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Yo Yo
Yo Yo
3 years ago

getting a fatal exception in this part of the code.
Uri uri = FileProvider.getUriForFile( this, BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID + “.” + getLocalClassName() + “.provider”, imageFile);
any suggestion on how to resolve it?

Reply to  Yo Yo
3 years ago

use authorities string from manifest

3 years ago

thanks, buddy

2 years ago

it works for one activity if i use on another activity as well it as says file format not support

Sourav Maurya
Sourav Maurya
2 years ago

this code is not taking Screenshot nor give any error or exception …. @Gagan Mishra

1 year ago

I want to take screenshot of webview and share via email. Please help.

1 year ago

This code is deprecated
view.isDrawingCacheEnabled = true
val bitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(view.drawingCache)
view.isDrawingCacheEnabled = false

7 months ago

How i take screenshot for home and another screens