Armbian 22.05 added support to Orange PI3+ and other arm devices

With these releases, the Armbian community has increased their reach to major arm devices like DevTerm A06, Orange Pi R1+ LTS, Radxa Rock 3A, and Zero, along with major improvements.

Armbian community has rolled up a new version of Armbian 22.05 after three months of v(22.02). In this release, they have added support to several arm devices like DevTerm A06, Orange Pi R1+ LTS, Orangepi 3 LTS, Radxa Rock 3A, and Zero. Apart from that, they have even made improvements to the Allwinner A20, Allwinner H5, Odroid N2, and Orange Pi Zero.

As per the software perspective, they have fixed the installation issue of the Chromium web browser on the Jammy Jellyfish, along with improving the support of Docker, and providing support for RDP and VNC to Remmina.

Moreover, they have ruled out and fixed the other issues that were reported on Jammy Jellyfish, like “Gnome desktop fails to start”, “Budgie desktop environment failed to build,” and “package discrepancy”.

In addition, they have fixed the HDMI flickering issue that was reported and added support for the Nvidia driver for x86 desktop images.

Apart from that, Realtek hardware RTL8822bs compatibility has been sorted out in this release.

With this released, they have requested the community to support them with financial support:

“Accordingly, we believe we are at an inflection point, where in order to move forward and address the Community’s needs, Armbian needs to transition to a new business model.  One where growth will require us to acquire additional funding before we can address many of the larger issues.”

Changelog of Armbian 22.05

  • Support and improve multiple arm devices such as DevTerm A06, Orange Pi R1+ LTS, Radxa Rock 3A, and Zero
  • Fixed Chromium installation issue on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS(Jammy JellyFish)
  • Improves support of Docker
  • Fixed HDMI flickering issues
  • Added RDP and VNC support to Remmina
  • Resolve compatible issue of Realtek RTl8822bs
  • Added Nvidia driver to x86 desktop
  • SATA is fixed for Bana boards
  • For more new improvements and bug fixes can be tracked from here

Apart from this changelog, they even add new features like a toolchain that can be downloaded from a single source, you can even monitor the temperature of Nvidia Jetson, and many other changelogs can be tacked from here.

You can download the latest version of Armbian 22.05 (Bullseye, Jammy XFCE, etc) from here. You just need to select the right board as per your available hardware.

Download Armbian 22.05 for Bananapi M2+
Download Armbian 22.05 for Bananapi M2+

Those who want to support them with funding can make donations very easily by visiting their donation section and making the payment from the wide list of choices.

Not only that, but you can also be a board maintainer.  To be one of them, you can check this link.

Source:- Armbian Release Changelog

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