Pre-order HP Dev One laptop specially crafted for developers with a POP!_OS

The collaboration of HP and System76 came up with the HP Dev One, which is specially crafted for developer needs! and it’s running on POP!_OS 22.04 (Jammy JellyFish).

System76 announced its collaboration with HP, which attracted much public interest. Why not developers’ folk get excited when the two best of their industries collaborate with each other and develop the best product for the consumers?

Three months back, one of the users on Reddit posted a question on the subreddit of pop_os: “Some kind of partnership between HP and System76 on the horizon?” To be honest, we were all sure something interesting was happening between HP and System76, and today’s curtain gets lifted with a new line of products called “HP Dev One”.

With a collaboration, developers like us can get POP_OS Linux 22.04 LTS distribution out of the box, which is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) and has a stylish premium look.

So, let me get into specifications for you:

  • Processor: AMD RyzenTM 7 PRO 5850U (8CPU Cores, 16 Threads, 4.4 GHZ Max and 1.9GHZ Min.)
  • Memory: 16 GB (2×8 GB) DDR4 3200 MT/s
  • Storage: 1 TB PCIe® 3×4 NVMeTM M.2 2280 SSD
  • Graphics: Integrated: AMD Radeon™ Graphics
  • Display: 14” diagonal FHD LED UWWA for HD Webcam (1920×1080) (1000 Nits)
  • Battery Type: HP Long Life 3-cell, 53 Wh Li-ion
  • Wireless Connectivity: Realtek RTL8822CE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2×2) Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 5 combo
  • To get more information on specifications, you can refer to this link.

“System76 is thrilled to work with HP to advance open source and bring the Linux desktop to a much wider audience,” said System76 CEO Carl Richell.

“By bringing together our engineering, marketing, and customer support, System76 with HP are introducing HP Dev One to combine powerful hardware with optimized Pop!_OS for the app dev community.”

The price of the HP Dev One laptop starter edition can cost you $1,099 excluding shipping charges and all, but the zillion-dollar question arises: can I get this laptop in Sweden? No, currently it is available only in the United States, so other parts of the world need to wait a bit longer.

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If you are in the US, go to HP DEV ONE, click on ORDER NOW and fill in the basic information. Before that, if you have any concerns related to the order or shipment, go ahead and check the FAQ section.

How’s your response to this collaboration, please do let us know in the comment section.

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