Nitrux 2.2.1 ships with Default 5.18.6 XanMod kernel

Nitrux comes up with the latest 5.18.6 XanMod kernel and adds Firefox 102 in 2.2.1.

With this release, Nitrux 2.2.1 ships with the default 5.18.6 XanMod kernel, which is the successor to 5.17.12, which was not implemented with the previous release 2.2.0 due to the failure of the package broadcom-sta-dkm while building, but with this release, you can have the stable version of the 5.18.6 XanMod kernel.

Along with a stable kernel, you will also find the latest versions of KDE Framework, Gear, and Plasma in newer versions of 5.95.0, 22.04.2, and 5.25.2.

Interestingly, you can also have the latest release of Mozilla Firefox 102, which was released on June 28th, so you can browse content without any tracking ID, which Firefox will automatically purge from the URL to prevent tracking.

The minimal version uses the same base which is used in the main release.

Download Nitrux 2.2.1

You can grab the latest version of Nitrux 2.2.1 from various sources for different versions, and architecture.

Nitrux Creatore suggests you:

We recommend performing a fresh installation using the latest available media for new distribution users.

Source:- Nitrux release

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