MX-21.1 “Wildflower” based on Debian 11 without systemd support

The MX development team has released MX-21.1 with Debian 11.3 as a base OS, and this is the first release after the EOL (END OF LIFE CYCLE) of Linux kernel 5.14, where you can find the 5.16 kernel in XFCE AHS editions.

Compared to other MX variants, you will still find the 5.10 Linux kernel to use in their mainline editions for the sake of stability. And this is the first release where you can test Debian 11 (Buster) without the systemd service.

Along with this rollout, they have improved system stability with a newer version of the preinstalled package. Out of the box, you will find the samba-config utility to configure SAMBA/CIFS user shares in a desktop-agnostic way.

How to set up Samba in Ubuntu and access it in MacOS/Windows

In addition, you will find some improvements in the MX-installer for a better user experience.

If you are planning to install MX-21.1 Wildfire on your system, then you should try the XFCE desktop variant for optimal performance. The MX team claims XFCE has a flagship desktop variant, so I advise you to first try XFCE AHS if you are running on the latest hardware.

You can also get the KDE variant, along with the AHS (Advanced Hardware Support) variant for the latest hardware like AMD Ryzen, AMD Radeon RX graphics, or 9th/10th/11th generation Intel hardware.

I’m sharing with you the official site link from where you can download the respective ISO as per your system architecture.

And those already using MX21 just need to upgrade their repository to fetch the latest version of MX-21.1.

Run the below command to get the latest version:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade 

If you find any bugs while using it or want to suggest something, then feel free to share it with them on Bug MX Linux.

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