FirewallD released the first update of 2023. Let’s see what the new features are

Let’s take a look at the latest version of FirewallD, which was released at the start of 2023.

The most recent update to FirewallD 1.3.0 includes a number of new services as well as a fix for a bug that appeared in the later version of 1.2.

In this version, you will find support for Warpinator, which basically allows computers on the same network to send and receive files without using servers or setting up anything special.

With FirewallD 1.3, you can use the --reset-to-defaults option from the command line to return to the factory settings, and this function is now also available through the D-Bus interface.

added support for the bareos-director, bareos-filedaemon, and bareos-storage on default ports 9101, 9102, and 9103. For those who aren’t familiar with Bareos, it stands for Backup Archiving and Recovery Open Sourced, which allows system administrators to manage backups (more info can be found at this link).

If you use nftables, you can use masquerade; however, due to kernel limitations, you cannot use masquerade if you use iptables.

For the iptables backend, a policy may not enable masquerade if an ingress zone has assigned interfaces. This restriction does not exist for the nftables backend, but does require Linux v5.5+ to function properly; otherwise it will silently fail.

Developer note

Apart from this, they have added support for Nebula, Ceph Prometheus exporter, OMG DDS service, llmnr-client services, and added support for ps2link, which is used to connect with PlayStation 2 systems on udp 18194 and tcp 18193 ports.

You can also use the Syncthing Relay for peer-to-peer file synchronisation service.

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Source: FirewallD GitHub release section

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