How to fix android emulator not showing in android studio

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If you are developing android application and when you run the application and it’s showing android app is installed is successfully.

Boom where is the emulator device, Pop-up show app is installed successfully

When you check emulator is running or not? Then android studio screen will show this error despite android emulator is running

No emulator is currently running

This error sometimes occurs when the emulator is not closed properly.

So, we will fix the android emulator this method is only for Linux user.

How to fix the issue?

We will guide you step by step just you need to follow

Step 1. First go to the Tool Menu, In tool menu select AVD Manager.

 fix android emulator: Tool menu click on AVD Manger
Tool menu click on AVD Manger

Step 2. Android Virtual Manager screen will be the next in this screen click on play button

Which will be below Actions

Step .3 As you clicked on the play button a pop up will show and it will show you to delete all the lock file in the specific directory.

Android Virtual Device Manager
Android Virtual Device Manager

Step 4. Open the terminal and pass the command emulator device name will be different on your system just check.

$ rm -rf /home/shen/.android/avd/Pixel_2_API_29.avd/*.lock

Or else you can follow the directory name from the pop up dialog

Step 5. Now try to install and run application this time emulator will show.

 fix android emulator: Emulator run after deleting *.lock
Emulator run after deleting *.lock

This was the simple step that you can follow to fix android emulator issue in Linux based system.

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