How to fix VMware Modconfig can not continue

Recently, I installed a VMware workstation on a fresh Debian installation. After that, when I ran the VMware workstation to create a new virtual machine, I got the error message: Build environment error! A required application is missing, and Modconfig can not continue. XZ Check the log for more details.

VMware Modconfig error message
VMware Modconfig error message

This error was new to me. Before that error, I resolved the missing Linux header error for VMware Workstation, and we will find a solution for that as well.

As you know, there are a small number of packages that are available by default for use in the minimal version of Debian or any other distribution.

And the above error is caused by missing gcc and make utilities that are responsible for compiling code from source.

In Debian or Ubuntu, there is a bundle package that includes all the necessary files for development purposes. You can directly install the build-essentials package to fulfill error requirements by pasting the below command:

$ sudo apt install build-essential

Or else you can install a single package by typing the below code:

$ sudo apt install gcc
$ sudo apt install make

Once the installation is completed, you need to relaunch the VMware workstation and you will find the error no longer exists on your system.

And you can refer to this guide to Create a New Virtual Machine using VMware.

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