How to Install Discord on Ubuntu 20.10

If you are gamer then for sure you know the what is discord for those who don’t know it is a popular messaging platform where user get advance feature which is not available on another platform.

There are a couple of ways to install Discord on your Linux System are as follows

Install Discord using snap or flatpak.

Installing Discord using deb package.

Installing Discord from tar.gz file.

Now we will show you all the way to install discord on Ubuntu 20.10 and Debian-based.

How to Install Discord using snap or flatpak

You can install discord very easily on your Ubuntu/Debian system using snap or flatpak.

To Install Discord using snap

First, you need to install the snap package and check whether the snap daemon service is running? You can check the status using systemctl command

$ sudo systemctl status snapd
Install Discord on Ubuntu check snap status
Check Snap Daemon is running

If it is not active(running) then pass this command to start

$ sudo systemctl start snapd

All preliminary check done now install discord using snap-type the following code on your terminal

$ sudo snap install discord
Install discord using snap
Install Discord Using Snap

The installation process is done, and when you want to remove or uninstall discord then pass the command

$ sudo snap remove discord

To Install Discord using flatpak

The above step was to install discord using snap now we will see how we can leverage flatpak with Ubuntu software center.

Most of the Ubuntu/Ubuntu Based distribution app store by default have flatpak so, you do not need to do anything just follow the steps

Now open the ubuntu app store and search Discord and click on Install and wait for to get install

Install Discord using flatpak on Ubuntu
Install using flatpak

Now login discord using credentials and follow the respective server or you can “Hi, Me”.

How to Install Discord using .deb package

If you have download discord .deb package from Official Site or You want to download then visit on official site and click on Download for Linux, select .deb package.

Download Discord and select Deb Package
Download Discord and select Deb Package

Wait for some time to get download.To install deb file is easy you just need double click on respective file.

If you are not able to install .deb then read the article on How to install .deb file.

Now press the super key ,search discord an open it Pretty simple!

How to Install Discord from the tar.gz package

I think so above method is quite a simple way to install Discord on your ubuntu/Debian based system.

Follow the guide step by step otherwise, you will not able to install discord on Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based system.

Step 1) Download Discord tar.gz package.

First, go to the official site and click on Download for Linux, choose tar.gz file, and wait to get the download.

Select tar.gz to Download
Select tar.gz to Download

This method is also quite simple and tricky first you need to extract the tar file to /opt directory.

After that you need to create a Desktop icon otherwise you have to always run Discord using the terminal.

If you are comfortable with terminal then follow this guide otherwise go to the above method. I know you will follow this step if you want to learn more about linux.

Step 2) Extract Discord tar.gz package

Now you need to open a terminal and go to the directory or folder where you have downloaded the file using the cd command.

$ cd Downloads/

After this extract the discord file to the /opt directory.

$ sudo tar xvf discord-0.0.13.tar.gz -C /opt

The file is successfully extracted to /opt directory and now you have to create a symbolic link to run discord from terminal and Desktop app.

Step 3) Create a Symbolic link to run the Discord command

After completing the above step need to create a symbolic link to run the application from anywhere otherwise you need to always go to the /opt/Discord directory to run Discord.

To solve this you need to go to the /opt/Discord after that type ls command to check Discord and discord.desktop file is available or not.

In the next step pass the the below command to terminal.

sudo ln -sf /opt/Discord/Discord /usr/bin/Discord

I’ll explain you the above command ln command is used to create link between files, we have use the parameter -s to create soft symbolic link, f is used for forcefully.

We have created softlik between /opt/Discord/Discord to /usr/bin/Discord.

Why we have select the usr/bin directory the reason is that all the binary executable file are stored in /usr/bin. If the executable file is available on this directory then you can run any application from terminal without going to the specific installation folder.

Step 4) Create Desktop icon for Discord

In the last step you have allowed the discord to run from command terminal but the issue that it not way to Open discord through terminal everytime.

So, we will use the discord. desktop to make desktop icon which is already in the extracted directory /opt/Discord.

In discord.desktop you need add few lines like executable path and icon path.

Now open terminal based editor like nano,vim or any other editor and pass the following command.

$ sudo nano /opt/Discord/discord.desktop
Add the following directory location
Add the following directory location

After this copy discord.desktop file to /usr/share/applications using below command

sudo cp -r /opt/Discord/discord.desktop /usr/share/applications

That’s it now you can see the discord application icon on Menu Option and Click on that icon to run.

I Think so you able to install discord on your system without any issue, If you are facing then contact us in the comment section.

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