How to Install Linux Mint’s Cinnamon Desktop in Ubuntu

Linux Mint is known for its cinnamon desktop environment. It is a free and open-source desktop environment designed and developed based on GNOME 3.

If you are having Ubuntu on your desktop and get tried of using GNOME 3. Then you can easily switch to the cinnamon desktop in Ubuntu with few lines of command.

Cinnamon Desktop Environment
Cinnamon Desktop Environment

There are multiple ways to install the Cinnamon Desktop Environment in Ubuntu. Ubuntu official includes cinnamon and all other packages and libraries it requires. But this version will be older.

Another method to install cinnamon is using PPA provided by Wasta Linux. They maintain this PPA that contains the latest Cinnamon packages for Ubuntu.

Installing Cinnamon Desktop Environment

Today we guide how to install the latest Cinnamon desktop in your Ubuntu system using Wasta Linux PPA.

Step 1

Open up your terminal from the Activity manager search bar or use (Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy-paste the below command to add Wasta Linux PPA to your Ubuntu.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wasta-linux/cinnamon-4-8
Adding Cinnamon PPA
Adding Cinnamon PPA

Make sure your user account has SUDO privileges, and your system is connected with working internet.

Adding this PPA to your system, update your desktop environment automatically when you update your system.

Step 2

After adding PPA in your system, you have to update your package cache to fetch the server’s latest information about the cinnamon desktop environment.

$ apt update

When done with updating your package cache. Simply copy-paste below command into your Linux terminal to install cinnamon desktop.

$ sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment
Installation of Cinnamon Desktop Environment
Installation of Cinnamon Desktop Environment

There will be a bunch of packages require to install in condition to use cinnamon desktop. This package size could be around 400MB to 500Mb and take time depending upon your internet speed.

If you had slow broadband speed, then have coffee while cinnamon is installing.

Once the installation is done, log out and select the cinnamon desktop environment from the login screen.

Desktop environment
Desktop environment

Removing Cinnamon Desktop Environment

If you do have interest left in cinnamon and get back to your old default desktop environment GNOME 3.

Then copy-paste below command into your Linux terminal to remove it from your system.

$ sudo apt remove cinnamon-desktop-environment

This only removes cinnamon from your system. PPA is still left to remove in your system, and we do not recommend to remove it as it does not harm you, and in future, if you ever thought to give cinnamon another chance to show himself you can easily install it from the step 2.

In case you have a grudge on it and wanna eradicate it from your system then copy-paste below command to remove.

$ sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:wasta-linux/cinnamon-4-8

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