Latest Tails 5.1 Release Comes with Various Updates & Fixes

With this release, Tails will fix current time and time zone by connecting to the captive portal detection service of Fedora, Updating to Tor, Fresh Homepage for disconnected Tor Network System, Associating OpenPGP files with Kleopatra in the Files browser, and many more.

Tails, an anonymous Debian-based browser for privacy-centric users, released its latest version 5.1 earlier this morning. The Tails v5.1 was expected to be released on May 31 but was delayed due to a delay in the release of Tor Browser 11.0.14.

This release fixes the security vulnerability in the JavaScript engine of Firefox and Tor Browser, which allows a malicious website to bypass some of the security built-in in Tor Browser and access user information from other websites. See the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2022-19.

Tails 5.1 also comes with an optimized Tor Connection assistant, which now automatically fixes the system clock when you connect to Tor to make it much easier for people in Asia to circumvent censorship.

This automatically assigns the system clock and current time works by connecting to the captive portal detection service of Fedora, which is already used by most reputed Linux distributions.

It also provides a new homepage for the Unsafe Browser, a browser not connected to the Tor network yet, and prompt confirmation dialog before restarting when the Unsafe Browser wasn’t enabled in the welcome screen to prevent accidental file loss.

With all other changes, OpenPGP files are associated with the Kleopatra certificate manager in the Nautilus File Browser. You can now also double-click the .gpg file extension to decrypt them using Kleopatra, and you can also find Kleopatra in the Favorites applications section.

Application changes were made like Tor update to, Tor Browser update to 11.0.14, Mozilla Thunderbird update to 91.9, and fixes file sharing using the OnionShare app from Nautilus, Disable search providers in the Activities overview. The Kernel was updated to 5.10.113 to support new hardware, graphics, Wi-Fi, and so on.

Changelog of Tails 5.1

This release includes the

  • Latest Tor, Tor Browser 11.0.14, Mozilla Thunderbird 91.9, and the Linux Kernel 5.10.113.
  • Security fixes for a security vulnerability in the Javascript engine in Firefox and Tor Browser.
  • Improved Tor Connection assistant.
  • New homepage for the Unsafe Browser for the disconnected system from the Tor Network.
  • Associate OpenPGP files with Kleopatra in the Nautilus File Browser.
  • Double-click on .gpg files to decrypt them.
  • Kleopatra was added to the Favourite Applications section.
  • Fixes File Sharing using OnionShare from the Nautilus File Browser.
  • Disabled Search for some of GNOME’s applications from Activities Overview: files, calculator, and terminal.
  • Removed the automatic selection of the Configure a bridge option when rolling back from the option to hide that you are connecting to Tor.

If you are not using the Tails browser and care about your privacy, then visit the official page of Tails right now to download the latest Tails 5.1. However, you can also use it on a USB flash drive without installing it on bare metal.

Existing users can update to the latest version by executing the below command in the Tails Terminal.

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y

If you have any queries write them in the comment section!

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