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Linux File Systems

Windows users are restricted to the NTFS file system, and

Deja Dup

Backup is one of the essential requirements for Linux users.

Configure port knockd
Snowfall on your Linux Desktop this Christmas

Let us make this Christmas memorable for you and more

AppImage Pool standalone App Store for AppImages

Short Story: Now we have AppImage Pool, a standalone GUI

Install John the Ripper

John the Ripper is open-source software that comes preinstalled in

AutoHotKey custom keyboard shortcuts

Have you ever heard about AutoHotKey or tried to set

Install Arduino Software (IDE) on Linux

Arduino is open-source by design, meaning anyone can use this

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Migrate Chrome Data/Settings/Profiles from Windows to Linux

Just installed Linux distributions like (Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Arch/Manjaro/RedHat/CentOS/Etc) and thinking about

How to restore USB normal after bootable USB

You are anxious what happen to your pen drive why

FTP server setup

FTP is a way to transfer files between two computers

How to Create Symbolic or Soft Link in Linux

Creating symbolic or soft links in Linux is pretty straightforward,

Ward system monitoring tool

Hi folks, Ward is a free and open-source tool for

Hidden Chrome Flags

Chrome flags are one of the hidden features that very

Port is Listening

Last week, we had a problem with our System through

install vmaware

Suppose you want to taste multiple Linux Distribution but your