The Wait is Over: Transmission 4.0 Finally Released Today!

It’s been a long wait, but Transmission 4.0 has arrived.

After a long wait, Transmission 4.0 was finally released today! It is the latest version of the popular torrent client and promises to be a major leap forward in terms of usability, security, and performance.

With its improved performance, Transmission 4.0 is the perfect solution for those looking for a fast, secure torrenting experience, so let’s see what changes you will find in this version.

According to the changelog, this is a major release with “a huge list of changes — over a thousand commits — since Transmission 3.00,” so they created four different sections to highlight this release’s details.

First is resource efficiency, where they have enhanced the code to run more efficiently, resulting in faster speeds and less impact on computer resources, and they are not just telling you blindly because they made a test and here is what they received.

A stress test of starting the transmission-daemon with 25,000 torrents is almost entirely IO-bound, using 50% fewer CPU cycles and 70% fewer memory allocations than Transmission 3.00.

Now they have integrated the RPC API “table” mode, resulting in smaller payloads/less bandwidth when using transmission-qt and transmission-web.

Second, they modernised the code by switching the entire codebase from C (89) to C++, which allowed them to reduce the core code by 18% while increasing the number of features available.

Aside from this, they have made changes to the Web client to use modern JavaScript, which no longer uses jQuery, and the GTK client has been ported to gtkmm, which is the official C++ interface for the GUI library.

Now, they use SonarCloud, Coverity, LGTM, and clang-tidy to do static analysis on new code, which helps reduce the chance of bugs and security holes.

Let’s move on to the third point, which is the new release, where you will see that it supports BitTorrent v2 and hybrid torrents. However, you cannot create v2 and hybrid torrents, but soon you will be able to, so keep an eye on the release.

Aside from these changes, there are many others, like the fact that the Web client can now be used on a mobile device; you can now set the piece size and default trackers for public torrent announcements when making a new torrent; and IPv6 blocklists are now supported.

Like these changes, they have fixed socket leaks, failed to detect large files on 32-bit systems, improved the handling of Webseed servers that do not support range requests, and handled errors when receiving corrupt pieces of data from peers.

dropped the libiconv dependency in libtransmission, updated the 403 RPC error message, and made many other changes that you can read about in the official changelog.

The final section is about the community, and they thank the community for its support. As you know, community support is vital for any project, and the Transmission developers want to recognise and thank the community for their support.

Download the Latest Transmission 4.0

For now, you cannot find the latest Transmission Bittorrent client from the official distribution repository, so to get the latest version, you can visit the official webpage or Github release section.

What are your thoughts on these new releases?

Source: Changelog

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