How to Install Garuda KDE Dragonized

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Garuda Linux is based on Arch Linux. It is provided with all major Desktop environment like KDE, GNOME, Xfce, Cinnamon, MATE, LXQt-kwin, Wayfire, Qtile, BSPWM and i3wm.

On a short period, Garuda Linux is most preferable distribution on Linux community.

So, we will walk through the Garuda KDE Installation process and feel the Garuda KDE’s Beast.


  • Garuda KDE Dragonized ISO file
  • Bootable Thumb drive
  • 30 GB Disk Free
  • 4 GB RAM

Live session login details

While using live session if the screen gets locked, please use the below credentials to login back.

  • Username garuda
  • Password garuda

Download Garuda KDE Dragonized

To Download Garuda KDE Dragonized visit to the Official site. As you scroll down, you will see various Garuda version.

From that, we have to Download Garuda KDE Dr46onized. It’s come up with the two editions.

  • KDE Dragonized Edition
  • KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition

We will Download the KDE Dragonized Edition from Sourceforge.

Download Garuda KDE
Download KDE Dragonized Edition

Create bootable disk

We have downloaded the Garuda KDE Dragonized iso file. It’s time to make bootable thumb drive or USB drive.

To create a bootable thumb drive, we can use an etcher or dd in Linux for Windows, also use etcher to create a bootable drive.

I’m already using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in my Linux system, and I’ll use the dd command to create a live disk.

Step 1. Connect your thumb drive to your Linux system

Step 2. Check partition name, To check partition name we can use lsblk command this will list out the drive partition name with the disk size and make sure to jot right drive otherwise you can lose your data.

In my case partition name is /sdb with the disk size around 14 GB.

lsblk command
lsblk command

From the above step, we have jotted down the USB drive partition name. To make bootable drive pass command the following command.

Command Syntax

$ sudo dd if=/[ISOFILE-LOCATION] of =/dev/[PARTITION NAME]

Example command

$ sudo dd if=/media/trendoceans/Shen\ Default/garuda-dr460nized-linux-tkg-bmq-210107.iso of=/dev/sdb

Wait for some time to make bootable drive till that don’t interrupt the process.

dd command
dd command

Thumb drive is ready to use, Now restart your machine and select the bootable drive.

Start Garuda KDE Installation

The first welcome screen with the Garuda grub select the Boot: Garuda.x86_64 dr460nized to start live boot.

Garuda grub
Garuda Welcome Screen

It will take some time to load Garuda Linux “Serpent Eagle”. On the bottom you will see the button to Install Garuda Linux click on that.

Before that, please connect your Laptop with the power source and the Internet connection.

Install Garuda Linux
Install Garuda Linux

When you clicked on Install Garuda Linux you will get the series of screen follow the below steps

Step 1:- Select the Language

Click on the drop down menu to change language from the given drop option.

Select Language
Select Language

Step 2:-Select Location

To change the location you need to first click on the region drop-down menu, click on Zone after selecting a location, please click on the Next button to choose Keyboard type.

Select Language
Select Language

Step 3:- Choose keyboard

Garuda Linux support number of keyboard Model and several languages too. If you were having a different type of keyboard, click on the Keyboard model drop-down menu else you can choose the default and click on the Next button.

Choose Keyboard
Choose Keyboard

Step 4:- Create Disk Partitions

Garuda Linux Installer provider several ways to create a partition on disk such as

  • Install alongside
  • Replace a partition
  • Erase disk
  • Manual Partitioning

We can use any method to Install Garuda on disk.

Garuda disk paritions
Garuda disk paritions

Install alongside

When you choose to Install alongside It will shrink from the actual disk size and Install Garuda on a particular partition.

  1. Click on Install alongside
  2. Select the Partition where you need to Install Garuda (If you want to resize shrink space drag the bottom bar)
  3. Click on Next
Install alongside
Install alongside

Erase disk

This option will erase all disk data and Install Garuda on disk storage. To erase and install garuda, follow the simple steps.

  1. Select Erase disk option
  2. Click on Next
Erase disk
Erase disk

Manual Partitioning

This is useful when you want to create /home, /usr, /var and / partition at a different location on disk.

Manual Partitioning
Manual Partitioning

With a few simple step, you can create a manual partition. It is not advisable to select Manual partition for a neophyte user.

Replace a partition

This is useful when you want to replace the partition with the Garuda Image file. In my case /sda 9 is occupied with the Ubuntu Distribution that I don’t want anymore, so I have selected replace partition.

  1. Click on Replace a partition
  2. Select the Partition where you need to Install Garuda
  3. Click on Next
Replace a partition
Replace a partition

Step 5:- Create Users

It’s time to create a user for Garuda provides few details like name, login name, computer name, password.

If you want to keep the same password for the administrator user, check the radio button and proceed to the Next button.

Create Users
Create Users

Step 6:- Summary

This is the final checkpoint read the summary if you felt something wrong click on the back button and make changes after that you will not be able to make any changes.


Click on Install now to proceed Installation process.

Click on Install
Click on Install

Step 7:- Install

Now, wait for the installation process to get complete till that explore Garuda Live environment.

Garuda getting Install
Garuda getting Install

Read this:- How to add a new user to the group in Linux

Step 8:- Finish

Installation is completed restart your Linux system before that remove the live disk.

  1. Check Restart now
  2. Click on Done button
Garuda Installation Completed
Garuda Installation Completed

Once the system gets restart, you will ask to start the setup assistant to finish your installation? Click on Yes.

Click on Yes
Click on Yes


That’s it to install Garuda KDE Dragonized, and If you stuck somewhere, you could drop the comment below, or else you can raise your query on the Official Garuda Linux forum

Please drop the feedback how much you like Garuda KDE Linux Envirnoment.

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