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How to Install Chrome Browser in Linux

Chrome Browser is one of the most popular and user-friendly

Top 5 PDF Readers for Linux

Finding the best PDF readers suitable and fulfilling all your

How to Install and Run Node Js in Linux

In this guide, we will install the latest version of

How to Write and Compile a C Program in Linux

C is one of the fastest running programming language, a

How to Install Ubuntu Desktop Environment

Ubuntu Desktop Environment is one of the most popular and

Migrate Chrome Data/Settings/Profiles from Windows to Linux

Just installed Linux distributions like (Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Arch/Manjaro/RedHat/CentOS/Etc) and thinking about

How to Create Hard Link in Linux or UNIX

Noobies often come to the point when they hear symbolic

How to Create Symbolic or Soft Link in Linux

Creating symbolic or soft links in Linux is pretty straightforward,

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