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How to fix VMware Modconfig can not continue

Recently, I installed a VMware workstation on a fresh Debian installation. After

Ubuntu revamp its logo after 12 years

The first impression of the new logo makes me wonder

FIX: sudo unable to resolve host name or service not known

As you know, while installing a new operating system like

grep command examples

Grep stands for (Global Regular Expression Print) is a Linux command-line utility to

how to use sftp to transfer file on linux

No offense, but are you still using the same old

Install Transmission BitTorrent on Linux

There are numerous BitTorrent clients available on Linux, like qBittorent

How to install the Latest Deluge BitTorrent Client on Linux

Deluge is a fully-featured cross-platform BitTorrent client which is written in Python3 with

Install latest qBittorrent on Linux

qBittorrent is an open-source peer-to-peer Bittorrent client which is available

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install golang in linux

GoLang (also referred to as Go) is an open-source statically

How to use viewBinding

Hey Android Folks! If you frustrate to use findViewById<>() every

PC Gaming Using Linux As Your OS Here’s What You Need to Know

Traditionally, when people consider PC gaming, the overwhelming majority have

How to install Google Chrome in Arch and Manjaro Linux

Many user switch to arch linux just to get the

10 Wget Command Examples in Linux

Recently, I have covered how to install wget in Linux

Install Centos

After ditching CentOS 8 Linux support now we left two

Fix rtl8723be no wifi connection

It’s freak me when Internet dosen’t work, rtl8723be not showing

Create bootable Ubuntu 20.04 on WIndows 10

I think so; a few weeks back, I was doing